Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a monument from Kline Memorials?
• Kline Memorials, established in 1901, has well over 100 years experience in the monument business. We are a independent, family owned business who treats clients with dignity and respect. We use only the highest quality materials and employ only the highest skilled craftsmen and designers to assist you with your monument needs. We have excellent relationships with granite quarries and bronze foundries throughout the United States and abroad. Due to the high volume of granite and bronze we purchase, we are able to offer the highest quality granite and bronze at excellent prices.

How long has Kline Memorials been in business?
• Kline Memorials has been in the Memorial Business since 1901. We have well over 100 years of experience and have a stellar reputation throughout the VA, MD and DC area.

What cemeteries do you serve?
• Kline Memorials serves all Virginia, Maryland and DC cemeteries as well as cemeteries across the country. We pride ourselves on our excellent working relationship and reputation with area funeral homes and cemeteries.

Do you provide monuments for Arlington National Cemetery?
• Yes, Kline Memorials provides monuments for the private monument sections in Arlington National Cemetery and has an excellent working relationship with them. We are very well versed in their rules and regulations. Please view the Arlington National Cemetery page on our website to see examples of our extensive work in the cemetery.

How do I know what type of memorials my cemetery allows?
• Our years of experience allow us firsthand knowledge of the rules and regulations of most of the cemeteries in the VA, DC and MD area. We are kept up to date on any changes that occur in cemetery regulations. If we are not sure of regulations, we will check with a cemetery prior to designing a monument for you.

My cemetery says they will not accept outside monuments or will charge a large fee to do so. Is this accurate?
• No, by law all cemeteries must accept monuments from reputable monument companies who have an excellent reputation. However, some do charge an administration fee. Kline Memorials has an excellent relationship with area cemeteries and will work with them to keep fees to a minimum.

This is all new to me and I don’t know where to start or what I want to include on the monument. Can you help me design it?
• Most memorials include the name of the Deceased and date of birth and passing. Others also include symbols, pictures or epitaphs. Our highly experienced designers will work closely with you and help you decide exactly what you would like to include on the monument. You will be provided a drawing that shows you the exact design for your approval. Kline Memorials is involved in every step of the process and will patiently walk you through each stage of design, fabrication and installation.

What is the difference between a memorial, grave marker, monument and headstone?
• These are all terms used interchangeably to describe a lasting monument for the deceased. Markers are usually flush or low to the ground while the others are upright.

When are monuments purchased?
• This is a highly personal decision. There is no set time to purchase a monument though some religions do dictate when a memorial must be placed. Kline Memorials is very knowledgeable about timing and will work with you closely to ensure that the monument is completed and installed in a timely manner.

How long does it take to make and install a monument and what if I need it sooner than that?
• The majority of monuments take 6-12 weeks to design, fabricate and install. Kline will work closely with you to accommodate your timing needs and will do our best to expedite the process if necessary whenever possible. Because of our large display and inventory, we are often able to carve and install a memorial in a short amount of time accommodate special requests.

Why not order a monument from the funeral home or cemetery that already knows me and my family?
• Kline Memorials specializes in creating monuments. This allows us to focus solely on creating a beautiful, personal, high quality memorial at a reasonable price. Funeral homes and cemeteries are not experienced monument dealers and are distracted by many other responsibilities. They cannot provide the same level of experience, quality, value or personalized service.

I prefer to see my options in person rather than online. Do you have a showroom or display I can visit?
• Yes, Kline Memorials has the largest monument display in Virginia, Maryland and DC. Please contact us to arrange to see our vast display of granite and bronze memorials.

Why not order from an online monument dealer and have it shipped to the cemetery?
• While some online monument dealers are legitimate and offer quality products, many do not. Their reputations are often unknown. In addition, you will be responsible for coordinating shipping, receiving and installation with the cemetery. Online dealers are often unfamiliar with the cemetery rules and regulations and cannot install the memorial themselves. This subjects you to high fees from the cemetery. Most importantly, if something goes wrong with the memorial you will have no recourse. Part of our business is correcting mistakes that online companies make and refuse to fix.

Do you match existing monuments?
• Yes, we go through many steps to match existing bronze and granite monuments. We visit the cemetery, make a rubbing of the stone, measure its exact dimensions and take a photograph of the existing monument in order to duplicate it.

Do you make pre-need arrangements?
• Yes, Kline Memorials is very experienced in dealing with pre-need memorials.

Who installs your bronze or granite markers?
• Kline Memorials is licensed and insured to install in all area cemeteries. All of our bronze and granite markers are installed by our own personnel to ensure that they are installed properly according to cemetery rules and regulations. We never subcontract installation or allow cemeteries to install our work.

I live outside of the DC, VA, MD area, may I still purchase a monument from you?
• Yes, because of our extensive relationships with Monument Dealers across the United States, clients who live outside of the DC, VA, MD area can order from us. We have installed monuments in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Caroline, South Carolina and Georgia to name a few. In addition, those who live outside of the VA,DC, MD area but wish to purchase a memorial for a local cemetery, may order from us long distance and be assured their stone will be designed, fabricated, and installed to their liking. We provide photos of the finished and installed product for our long distance clients.

Are you able to make monuments in languages other than English?
• Yes, Kline Memorials is able to make monuments in any language you need. We have designed and fabricated monuments in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Farsi to name a few.  Please see examples here.

Areas Served

We have the resources to deliver and install memorials locally in Northern Virginia, as well as out of state. We proudly provide service to cemeteries throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.


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