Choosing A Memorial

Today, headstones are also known as monuments, memorials or grave markers.

Headstone design has changed in the last 100 years, specifically:

  • Advances in computer technology
  • Changes in carving techniques
  • Availability of granites from all over the world

These changes have dramatically altered how headstones are purchased, designed, fabricated, and installed.  Kline Memorials has embraced these changes while remaining a small privately-owned company who treats grieving families with dignity and respect.

Choosing a Memorial

Rarely do clients come to Kline Memorials with experience in purchasing a headstone for a  loved one.  As a result, the process can be somewhat overwhelming.  Whether a client arrives with a specific design in mind or is unsure of what they want, we patiently guide our clients through every step of the process, letting you feel comfortable and in control.  We never rush or pressure a client into purchasing a memorial.

Headstone Dheadstone design with Kline Memorials staffesign – Step 1 

Kline Memorials combines experienced and creative designers with the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology to create high quality, personalized granite or bronze memorials. We strive to ensure that each client is as actively involved in the design of the headstone as they would like to be. Clients are first invited to explore our large display and review a variety of brochures and photographs prior to choosing a monument.  Next, our designers sit down with each client and render a personalized image of the monument using the CAD technology.  This allows us to make changes quickly and easily and provides both clients and staff with an exact template of the monument.  All clients approve and receive a copy of this computer generated rendition of their monument prior to its fabrication.

Headstone Fabrication – Step 2headstone fabrication

Once completed, the CAD generated drawing is used to produce a vinyl stencil of the memorial design. This stencil is then used by our skilled craftsmen to carve each memorial. Once the monument is carved, the stencil is removed, the stone is cleaned and additional services such as shaped carving, hand carved letters, personalized etching, gold leaf, and raised lettering are completed.  All details are double checked against the computer design and, if the client chooses, a final approval is set up prior to installation.


headstone installationHeadstone Installation – Step 3

Kline Memorials works closely with the cemetery to ensure the proper installation of our memorials. As a result, we have an excellent reputation within the cemetery community. All stones are set to standard on hand-poured concrete foundations and are checked for accuracy and levelness. We take care to treat the surrounding areas with respect and give the stone a final cleaning upon installation.

completed Kline Memorials headstoneCompletion – Step 4

No stone is complete until the client is satisfied.  All clients are notified by phone of the completed installation and will receive a photograph of the completed monument upon request. The memorial and workmanship is fully guaranteed and we are committed to your ongoing satisfaction.

Please visit our location at 9014 Centreville Road Manassas, VA  20110 or give us a call at 703-368-5013 or email us at info@klinememorials.com to schedule a time to meet with our staff, view our selection and discuss your specific needs.

Areas Served

We have the resources to deliver and install memorials locally in Northern Virginia, as well as out of state. We proudly provide service to cemeteries throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.


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